ASU Students' Design Is Changing The Game For Commuters In Phoenix

By Ashley Carter
Published: Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 5:05am
Updated: Friday, December 15, 2017 - 12:56pm
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(Photo courtesy of Photo by Anya Magnuson/ASU
Arizona State University industrial design students (from left) Derek Smoker, Erlend Meling, Ethan Fancher and Dan Duquette hold a prototype of the bus stop they designed. Their design will be used for new bus stops around Phoenix.

Four Arizona State University students designed a model that is being used to provide additional shade to hundreds of Phoenix bus stops.

It all started with a contest the school began last year. Now the model created by four industrial design students will be seen throughout the city. One of the students, Dan Duquette, said it didn’t come easy. 

“Countless hours, sleepless nights, just chipping away just trying to design a nice design for the bus stop," Duquette said. 

The main focus was to provide shade. Their model allows passengers to be sheltered from the weather, no matter where the sun is shining or what time of day it is. The grated walls allow air to pass through, and the roof is positioned at a slant. According to senior Ethan Fancher, the city of Phoenix pushed for shadier bus stops for commuter purposes.

“Riding the bus for commuting is already hard enough. So, if we could improve those people’s lives that’s, you know, that’s good," Fancher said.

According to ASU Now, Phoenix plans to install the student-designed 400 bus stops within the next five years.

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