Chandler Police Gives Out Smart Water Kits To Combat Theft

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Monday, October 30, 2017 - 8:16am

The Chandler Police Department is distributing a new tool it said will help fight property crimes.

Chandler PD recieved federal funding for 300 kits of a solution called Smart Water CSI. Payed for with $8,250 from Justice Assistance Grant, the liquid in each kit has a unique formula that’s chemically coded.

The solution can be applied to valuable items and then detected under a special light later if the property is stolen.

Chandler PD Sergeant Daniel Mejia said the kits will be distributed to Chandler residents based on predictive analysis and intelligence-based policing.

"We purposefully identify neighborhoods that are being victimized more than others and then concentrate our efforts to begin there,” Mejia said.

Smart Water CSI bills itself as a deterrent. Chandler will be distributing signs and stickers to the homes with the kits in the hope that thieves will think twice about crimes of opportunity.

Michael Scott from the Center of Problem Oriented Policing at ASU said property marking systems have been shown to have mixed effectiveness. He said they’re good for identifying stolen property but they only deter criminals that know they’re in place.

"That’s harder to do when the marking is invisible,” Scott said.

He said if you get one of the free kits you should definitely post the smart water signs.