Phoenix Public Transit Teams Up With Lyft To Launch New Program

By Ashley Carter
Published: Monday, October 16, 2017 - 5:05am

Phoenix Public Transit Department and Lyft have partnered together to launch the “First Mile Last Mile” program.

The program is designed to provide passengers with an easier way to get to a non-transit zone to a transit location.

“Research indicates people who ride Lyft and Uber’ for instance, they are more likely to be transit riders. And so this provides that opportunity for people to give up a car if they don’t have one, be able to be more sustainable, usage and choices in how they travel about. We just see this as a great opportunity," said Maria Hyatt, director for public transit in Phoenix.

According to Hyatt, even though the city continues to build out the transit system, there are still places in Phoenix that don’t have regular service.

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