Phoenix To Explore Moving Popular Hiking Trailhead

Published: Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 7:03am

A rezoning vote for The Phoenician Resort turned into a discussion on public restrooms and possibly moving a popular trailhead.

On Wednesday, Phoenix council members approved a plan for The Phoenician to build more than 300 homes and condos on part of its golf course. The resort’s owner also offered to set aside a 100-foot area for the city to possibly relocate the Cholla Trailhead that leads to Camelback Mountain.

Right now, visitors have to walk on a residential street to access the trailhead and homeowners told councilmembers it’s become dangerous and unsanitary.

“We had 9,000 hikers during Spring Break,” one woman said. “We have no bathroom facilities, so people’s yards and along the curb have become a bathroom.”

Another woman said, “Drivers are navigating an obstacle course. It’s not sustainable.”

Resident Michael Shiaras told council members about a near miss he experienced that morning. “I’m going down Cholla Lane and what do we have? A cross country team running in my lane of traffic toward me in the dark. I think from a risk management standpoint the city has got a real problem.”

The Phoenician is giving the city $100,000, which it plans to use to study where public restrooms are needed and what would be involved in relocating the trailhead.

It’s estimated relocating the Cholla Trialhead would cost at least $2 million. A feasibility study is expected to take six to nine months.