NAU May Ban Tobacco Products On Campus

Published: Friday, October 10, 2014 - 11:28am

Northern Arizona University wants to ban tobacco products on campus. A survey showed students were concerned about second-hand smoke.

Caitlin Phillips is the Student Health Advocacy Committee’s tobacco initiative leader. She said her group studied other universities’ smoke free and tobacco free policies. They determined that a tobacco free policy would cover all their bases.

"What we found there’s no gray area, there’s no confusion about what you are or are not allowed to use. There’s just a blanket ban is kind of the most effective. It’s very blank and white, no one is confused if they’re allowed to hookah, or e-cigarettes or if they’re allowed in a certain area," Phillips said. "It seems across the nation to be most effective because of that."

Phillips said the ban will include cigarettes, chew, cigars, hookahs, pipes and e-cigarettes. She hopes the ban will go into effect by the fall of 2016.