Bechdel Test Fest Showcases Original Works That Promote Women

Published: Friday, September 8, 2017 - 3:38pm
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So, you know what the Bechdel Test is? It’s asking the question of a film or play or book, are there ever scenes with two women who talk about something other than a man.

And that seems pretty simple, right? But, according to Brenda Foley, co-founder of the Bridge Initiative — an incubator that promotes women in theater here in the Valley — it’s not so simple!

She says women are really underrepresented in local theater here. So this weekend, they’re putting on the first ever Bechdel Test Fest — two days of play reading and film screenings,  all of original works that pass the Bechdel Test.

I spoke with Foley more about the festival and the problem they’re trying to address with it.

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