Report Finds Arizona Medical Board Cut Corners In Licensing Doctors

October 11, 2013

An agency that found problems with the way the Arizona Medical Board was licensing doctors says the board has begun to clean up its act.

The Arizona Ombudsman-Citizen Aide report says the board was more interested in speeding up the licensing process than ensuring a doctor needed a license. Ombudsman Dennis Wells says the investigation calls for an audit of the board.

“We have some 21,000 plus doctors practicing in the state of Arizona currently,” Wells said. “During the period we’re talking about, I believe around close to 2,000 were licensed during that period of time.”

Wells says in many states it can take 30-60 days to get a license to practice. He does say nobody was harmed in the questionable cutting of corners to evaluate a doctor’s skills.

Medical Board Executive Director Lisa Wynn, who has been reprimanded over the issue, denies any wrongdoing.

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