Inmate, Female Posse Accused Of Running Drugs

October 04, 2013

An Arizona inmate is accused of running drugs from prison – and using female family members and lovers to do it. Angel Lopez Garcia is an alleged gang leader who faces 159 counts. Police say he directed drug sales, extortion, fraud and murder from his prison cell in Florence. And he allegedly had the help of his wife, mother, sister, ex-wife and girlfriend. According to police spokesman Steve Martos, the five women have been arrested.

“We are stopping now with these indictments, stopping his ability to reach out to these individuals who were facilitating that kind of movement of money and drugs,” Martos said.

Angel Garcia’s wife, Carmen Lynn Fischer Garcia, is his former defense attorney. Rosemary Ann Garcia is believed to be his past or present girlfriend. She’s a former department of corrections employee. The arrests came after a two-year investigation and include crimes that date back to 2007. 

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