Phoenix Taking In Animals From Closed Las Vegas Zoo

October 04, 2013

Last week, federal officials began removing animals from the Las Vegas zoo after the entire zoo staff quit in protest. The small zoo has had a controversial history and is shutting its doors for good.

The US Department of Agriculture stepped in after a complaint was filed over the care of the animals and the conditions at the zoo.

It’s reportedly been controversial for its animal care, cleanliness and how it was managing its facilities. For example, the zoo received a cease and desist order from the city over animal waste water.  The order came after City inspectors found “illicit discharges of water from exhibits at the zoo into the city’s storm drain.”

Several organizations have agreed to help and take the animals. And that’s brings us to Phoenix.

The Phoenix Herpetological Society has scooped up an American Alligator.
Daniel Marchand is the curator of the Phoenix Herpetological Society Reptile Sanctuary and zoo. We called him to get the story.

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