Andrew Thomas Testifies

November 09, 2011

??Andrew Thomas took the stand in a disciplinary hearing that could disbar him if found he violated ethical rules.  

??Independent Bar Counsel James Sudler Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas During the hearing, Thomas said Maricopa County officials were thumbing their noses at the law and it was his responsibility to flush the corruption.

Thomas tried to justify and defend the failed attempts to prosecute more than a dozen county officials during his five years as Maricopa County Attorney.  He was questioned about potential conflicts of interest while charging cases, the decision to arrest a County Board member and the filing of grand jury charges against Superior court judges.  At one point independent bar council James Sudler asked Thomas if he could identify an example of bribery in the indictment his office filed against now retired Judge Gary Donahoe. Thomas responded, "? ?No, not clearly."

Thomas also testified that he filed charges against official so that the public would be aware of the lawlessness that existed in Maricopa County.  He explained how he has been a victim in the process.  "Bar complaints have been used consistently against me as an attack They have files bars against me all the time to intimidate me in the course of doing law enforcement duties. And I consider that the initiation of a patterns that continues and candidly to this day," said Thomas. 

     Thomas is accused of 33 ethical violations if those violations are upheld he could be disbarred.


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