New Phoenix Suns Head Coach Shares Expectations For The Season

October 02, 2013

MLB's regular season just ended, and NHL's year is getting started this week. In Arizona, that has fans optimistic, primarily because the Phoenix Coyotes are actually owned by private investors who really wanted the team, not just the NHL. But, the people running the pro team that was the first big deal in the Valley, the Phoenix Suns, are also thinking positively as training camp gets started in Flagstaff.

Coming off the second-worst season in franchise history, the Suns made a lot of changes, some on-court, some off. That includes a new head coach, Jeff Hornacek, a former fan favorite with the Suns before he was part of a trade that brought Charles Barkley to the desert. I spoke with Hornacek for a few minutes at the Suns Media Day at U.S. Airways Center and asked him about the importance of the Suns’ history and tradition to rebuilding a winner.