Task Forces Makes New Recommendation For Combating Sex Trafficking

September 26, 2013

Despite several attempts to punish johns who engage in teenage prostitution, lawmakers have so far failed to approve legislation. Now, a governor’s task force is making new recommendations on sex trafficking in hopes they can be the first step to breaking the gridlock. They include mandatory prison time for johns who have sex with children, whether or not they know the prostitute is underage. Task force member Grant Woods calls the abuse ‘epidemic,’

“We’re going to have to crack down on this,” Woods said. “We’re going to have to start realizing these girls are victims. They get thrown into this horrible life where they’re sold, where they’re beaten, where there’s drugs involved.”

The task force is already watching activity surrounding the 2015 Superbowl in Glendale, since the game is regarded as a magnet for pedophiles shopping for young girls. The recommendations will be sent to Governor Brewer in hopes she can persuade lawmakers to approve tougher measures against sex trafficking of minors.

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