Local Leaders Mixed On Bill To Defund Affordable Care Act

September 23, 2013

Republicans in the United States House of Representatives have expressed their disapproval of the Affordable Health Act by passing a short-term spending plan that would defund it. Leaders of the U.S. Senate have said the measure is dead on arrival there.Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon is one of the House members who voted for the bill. He addressed the issue Sunday on CBS’ "Face the Nation."

“I would hope that the president would value keeping the government open over preserving a law that most Americans are against,” Salmon said.

Salmon said if Senate Democrats cannot approve total defunding of the Affordable Care Act, they should come up with another plan that works. He said House Republicans just want a Senate floor vote on the issue.

Locally, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton warned we should not forget that what happens in government does not stay in the government.

“If the world marketplace, if the capital markets ultimately decide that our government is non-functional, we won’t be able to function as a government at all, and that will hurt the private sector,” Stanton said.

He notes that playing ideological games will not solve the differences over the budget.

The House-passed measure threatens a government shutdown on Oct. 1.