Author Offers Coping Techniques For Caregivers Of Adults

By Kathy Ritchie
Published: Friday, July 14, 2017 - 5:05am

There are millions of caregivers providing unpaid care to another adult. That adult could be a spouse or it could be a parent. For many adult children, parenting a parent can be difficult, and even strain the parent-child relationship. But there are ways to make it easier.

Jim Comer is a lot of things: author, speaker and caregiver to his parents. Comer has been visiting several states, including Arizona on Thursday, where he delivered a speech he calls the "Joys and Jolts of Caregiving."

Here, he shares one of his most important coping techniques: go where their parents are not where they want them to be and never criticize your parents for not remembering something or getting something wrong.

Comer says adult children should have an honest conversation with their aging parents so they know their wishes. Comer’s mother had Alzheimer’s disease, his father had a stroke.

He moved home to help take care of them.

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