Two Bitten By Rattlesnakes, Officials Warn Of Increasing Danger

September 17, 2013

Arizona residents are being warned about the dangers of rattlesnakes after two people were bitten north of Tucson.

Adam Goldberg of the Northwest Fire District says a 23-year-old man riding a mountain bike was bitten on the calf, and three hours later, a 68-year-old man was bitten while he worked in his yard.

“This was the classic presentation in that he was out in the backyard doing some gardening/landscaping work but was wearing flip-flops, which are open-toed shoes and did not see the snake as it came up and bit him on the toe,” Goldberg said.

He says this is the time of year that snakes may want to get near homes for the heat they retain once the sun goes down. He says you might notice them on the patio, in the garage, or around the front or back door of your home.

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