UA Near Top Of Title IX Head Coach Diversity Study

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 5:05am

On the 45th anniversary of Title IX becoming law this week, a diversity institute released a study taking stock of ethnic diversity among college women’s team coaches. One Arizona college ranked high on the list.

The study graded eight NCAA conferences based on the percentage of head coaches of women’s teams who are people of color.

The Pac-12 ranked near the top, at 14 percent.

Among individual schools, University of Arizona was second-highest, at 50 percent, trailing only Clemson.

Western New England University law professor and Title IX expert Erin Buzuvis says when student athletes are already a diverse group, the coaches should follow suit.

“When there’s not that diversity among college coaches, then the question is why is that, what is it about these kinds of jobs and how they’re structured that’s preventing all people from being able to access them.”

The report says overall, the percentages are too low and show a need for more diverse hiring practices in the NCAA.

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