Midwives Want Ability To Use Meds

September 12, 2013

Arizona midwives are seeking permission to give their patients potentially life-saving drugs. As it stands now, midwives now face felony charges if they buy, carry or administer medication.

So, the Arizona Association of Midwives is looking for the ability to use items like eye ointment for newborns and anti-hemorrhaging drugs. Midwife and association Vice President Sarah Butterfly said many states have allowed midwives to use pharmaceuticals for years. Her organization started a legislative process that could legalize the administration of these drugs.

“The medications we’re asking for are not unheard of for midwives to carry, and they’re really, really do reflect a safe practice,” Butterfly explained. “So, I think that there will be pretty wide support for it once people have the education as to what we’re asking for and why.”   

An application by Butterfly’s group is now being reviewed by a legislative committee. If it receives support, it could be voted on in early 2014.