Sedona City Council Ready To Vote On Gay Civil Unions

September 12, 2013

Sedona’s city council is ready to approve civil unions for gay couples. Sedona will become the fourth city in Arizona recognizing same-sex relationships.Mayor Rob Adams said the city council decided this week to vote on the proposal at its meeting on Sept. 24. He said it is modeled after similar civil union ordinances recently approved in Bisbee, Tucson and Jerome. Adams said Sedona wants to pass the ordinance to send a message to the rest of Arizona. 

“It states the core principals of Sedona as being a welcoming community for all races and sexual preferences, people of all colors, you know that’s the kind of city we are, and I believe that everybody should have the same rights if they are in love,” Adams said.

He said about 30 days after the ordinance is passed, gay couples in Sedona can register with the city. That will allow them to officially list the legal agreements of their relationship.  Adams said, so far, the city has received only one complaint from an opponent to civil unions.  

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