Arizona Congress Members Have Mixed Views Over Syria

September 06, 2013

Arizona’s Congress members have mixed reactions to President Obama’s call for military strikes in Syria. Flagstaff Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick said her office has been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from constituents about the issue, but she is not ready to make a commitment.

“I am undecided at this point.  I want to get back to Washington next week and get some good clear evidence about what happened," Kirkpatrick said. "I’ll look at the various resolutions and will be studying it in a very deliberate way."
Prescott Republican Paul Gosar said he does not want the United States to get involved in what he calls a “sectarian war in Syria,” but he wants the Obama Administration to provide more information before he makes a decision.
“We don’t know the facts.  We have very poor intel, and we have very little international support for this when it should be unanimously internationally supported," Gosar said.
Both representatives spoke earlier this week during an event at the state Capitol.

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