Prescott To Remove Temporary Memorial For Firefighters

September 05, 2013

The city of Prescott announced they will remove the temporary memorial for the firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Fire.

memorial The memorial at Prescott's Station 7 stretches entirely around the building. (Photo by Stina Sieg-KJZZ)

Prescott Public Affairs Manager Pete Wertheim said the city is taking it down to help the community move forward and to preserve the items at the memorial currently located in front of the firehouse. Wertheim said the materials need to be preserved so they can be incorporated into a permanent monument.

 “People understand who have driven by the memorial and seen, you  know things have deteriorated, we have had a lot of strong monsoon rain and what not and at some point we need to move on, move ahead.“ Wertheim said.

Wertheim said the city intends to create a permanent memorial for the 19 firefighters, but currently does not have a plan to fund it. Crews will remove the memorial Sept. 10.

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