Javelinas Shot After Attack

September 05, 2013

Seven javelinas were euthanized in Tucson after the group attacked a woman. The attack was not an isolated incident. The woman received puncture wounds from unprovoked javelinas while walking her dog. Mark Hart is a spokesman with the Tucson office of Arizona Game and Fish. He said many people in the neighborhood had run ins with aggressive javelinas, so his department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided they had to kill shoot the offending animals, not relocate them.

“To have a sharpshooter, trained in quick but deadly removal of wildlife who euthanizes them,” Hart explained, “that’s a far more humane thing than putting them out in the wilderness to be consumed by a mountain lion, starve or die of thirst.”

Humans can help avoid javelina issues by not feeding them, Hart said, and securing their garbage cans at night.

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