Marana Says Medical Pot Can Only Be Grown At Dispensaries

September 04, 2013

The town of Marana has said no to medical marijuana farms, unless they are located in a legal dispensary. The town council voted unanimously to ban off-site pot growing. The council echoed what the planning commission and police chief had already said, off-site pot growing could be bad for Marana’s future.

Deputy Town Manager Del Post said the decision involved public safety and the image of the southern Arizona town. He said some people were also worried that pot dispensaries from neighboring towns could locate their grow facilities in Marana.

“We felt like we were on a precipice,” Post said. “The floodgates could have been opened to allow a multitude of off-site grow facilities within our community.”  

Post added that there have been no safety issues involving the town’s two medical pot dispensaries. Both grow their pot in-house.

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