Flake Still Deciding On Whether To Support Syria Attack

September 04, 2013

Arizona's congressional delegation is split on supporting the president's call to authorize the use of force in Syria, though some say they're undecided.

An Associated Press canvass shows five of the nine representatives are uncommitted, with three either against or leaning against military action. Sen. John McCain is tentatively backing the president, while Sen. Jeff Flake says he's still listening to the administration's positions.

“How can we assure our constituents this isn’t political, when the administration comes to the Congress to ask for authorization to take action the President has said he has authority to take?” Flake said.

Republican Rep. David Schweikert's spokeswoman says he's leaning toward voting no, as is Republican Paul Gosar. Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva says he's also a no vote.  He says Syria is "a quagmire I think we need to avoid."