Electricity Users Discuss Prospect Of Deregulation

August 27, 2013

Deregulating Arizona’s electric market may change how much you pay for electricity. Later this year, the Arizona Corporation Commission will hold hearings on this issue. The Residential Utility Consumer Office heard from business and residential users this morning.

Deregulation would allow customers to choose their own electric utility company. The companies said they are concerned how deregulation would affect their business model.  

RUCO director Patrick Quinn favors deregulation. He said an actual plan is needed. 

"In Arizona, what does that exactly mean? Are you going to blow it open and everything is fully competitive? Are you going to have some area that aren't and some areas that are? So it's never really been well defined what the actual plan is to regulate electricity yet. And that, in our minds, can make a big difference to whether we're in favor of deregulation or not," Quinn said. 

RUCO will use today’s testimony to make recommendations to the Corporation Commission when it holds its hearings.