Arizona State University's Manzanita Hall To Reopen Saturday

August 13, 2013

Students will move into Arizona’s State University’s Manzanita Hall on Saturday for the first time in more than two years. The dorm will reopen after a $50 million renovation. 

Manzy Hall, as it's known, has been an ASU fixture for more than four decades.

Now, the dorms have bigger bathrooms and the asbestos throughout the building is gone.

ASU Associate Dean for Student and Academic Programs Paul LePore said all that alumni will recognize is the flooring. LePore taught in the dorm’s only classroom before the renovation. 

"We've actually expanded the walls in each of the rooms, so it was a real top-to-bottom renovation," LePore said. "The floor here is actually the same one that students have been trotting on for nearly 50 years." 

New features include a basketball court and multiple study areas.

And food. The adjacent dining hall will also reopen.

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