Arizona GOP Supports Blocking Background Checks On Private Gun Sales

Published: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 9:35am

Dueling gun bills at the state capitol have enough support to block background checks on private sales.

Supporters of Senate Bill 1122 aim to avoid making it the seller’s responsibility to check a state or federal database before handing over private property. The bill specifically avoids saying the word, “gun,” but Democrat Rep. Randall Friese said it’s easy to read between the lines.

"No one is talking about background checks for refrigerator sales, or microwave sales, or dining room furniture sales,” Friese said, “…or watch sales, or doorway sales, or door jamb sales, or door knob sales, or door key sales.''

However, Republican Rep. Anthony Kern said he’s not concerned criminals might abuse the system and argued it shouldn’t be the government’s business who he sells his gun to.

"If I want to sell Rep. Syms, Rep. Epstein, Rep. Nutt any of my personal property, including weapons, I should be able to do that," Kern said. "And it's up to me as a responsible seller to know who the buyer is. It's called America. And it's called the Second Amendment."

Under that same argument, House Bill 2216 would bar government from limiting gun sales to only “smart” weapons, which are designed to be fired only by the registered owner.

As of Monday, both bills appeared to be on the road to passage along party lines.