Heat Stroke, Brain Damage Warnings As Weather Heats Up

By Holliday Moore
Published: Monday, April 17, 2017 - 4:44pm

It’s only April 17, and the threat of triple digits is forecast for the weekend.  With it, comes the threat for heat stroke and brain damage.

Dr. Javier Cardenas with Barrow Neurological Institute warned 80 percent of heat-related deaths happen when seasonal temperatures are shifting from mild to hot.

Keep that in mind, he said, when heading out the door to enjoy the warmer weather.

“It is very important that your body gets use to this,” he reminded everyone. “Especially our out-of-town guests hiking up Camelback in the middle of summer.” 

When heatstroke is suspected, he added, “It is important to cool the body down as much as possible first, before transporting.”

He warned not all health-care providers know the importance of cooling down the brain immediately and can cause permanent organ failure and brain damage.

Cardenas said the next few weeks can pose a risk to even the healthiest athletes who don’t take time to adjust. 

The other dangerous temperature shift he said happens as Arizona’s climate changes from the dry, midsummer heat to the muggy monsoons.