David Cavazos Officially Gets The Santa Ana Job

August 07, 2013

Phoenix city manager David Cavazos has officially been hired by the city of Santa Ana, Calif. The council approved his contract earlier this week. Cavazos' base salary as the city manager for Santa Ana will be the same as his Phoenix salary, $315,000 annually, but when you add in benefits, his total compensation will be more than $558,000. Those benefits include a one-time $36,000 allowance for temporary housing and a $24,000 a year housing allowance the next two years of his contract. He also will get a $6,000 a year car allowance.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Cavazos will be one of the highest paid city employees in California. In addition to his new salary Cavazos will be eligible for a six- figure pension from the city of Phoenix where he worked for almost 27 years.

Cavazos was Phoenix city manager for four years. He is scheduled to leave Phoenix in mid-October.

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