State Officials Stopped $31 Million Of Tax Return Fraud

August 07, 2013

State officials say they’re becoming pretty proficient at stopping the type of tax fraud that results from the filing of false tax returns.

The state tax collecting arm, the Department of Revenue, says it stopped more than $31.8 million worth of fraudulent refunds in the fiscal year that ended June 30.  It says that represents an increase of more than $22 million from the previous fiscal year.

Assistant Director Anthony Forschino says it’s a particular problem now that electronic filing has made it possible for crooks anywhere in the world to file hundreds or even thousands of false tax returns.

He says better computer programs, the addition of auditors and investigators led to the improvement in stopping fraudulent refunds.

The department says most fraudulent refunds are sought by people who use stolen or fictitious taxpayer information to filing them.

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