Law Increasing Private Contribution Limits Argued In Court

July 31, 2013

Supporters of public campaign finance are asking a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to block the higher contribution limits in a new state law from taking effect, while their legality is argued in court. Under the law, the private money a candidate could accept would go from the current $440 to $4,000. The measure scraps the current cap of more than $14,000 legislative candidates can accept from all political action committees.

Louis Hoffman, a member of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission said an injunction is needed because the case cannot be decided by the September 13 effective date of the law.

“Candidates are looking to decide whether to run as Clean Elections candidates or whether to run at all,” Hoffman said. “Their decision is going to be influenced by whether this law goes into effect on September 13 as planned.”

Supporters of the change said they did nothing illegal, because they did not amend the laws governing public financing of campaigns. Those who argued in favor of the bill claim the state's contribution limits are too low.

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