Amazon To Hire Hundreds Of Workers In Phoenix Area

July 29, 2013

Online retailer Amazon is hiring a few hundred people for its operations in the Phoenix area. It is part of Amazon’s effort to create 5,000 new positions nationwide. Officials with Amazon say the new hires are needed to meet increasing customer demand. Amazon has two fulfillment centers in the West Valley and other warehouses in the Phoenix area.

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said the state was selected for expansion because of its past business performance. 

“We’ve been operating in Arizona for many years, and it has been a great place to do business. Our fulfillment centers in the Phoenix area have thousands of employees, and we’ve just found an incredibly talented workforce there,” said Cheeseman.

She said people hired to work at the fulfillment centers will use high tech equipment to find merchandise, pack it and ship it to customers. Some of the new hires in Phoenix also will be placed in work at home positions. 

Hiring starts right away. 

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