Cardinals Opening Training Day Brings New Location, New Security Policies

July 26, 2013

A new location and new policies were part of opening training day for the Arizona Cardinals Friday. 

stadium The team will now be practicing at the University of Phoenix Stadium instead of at NAU. (Photo by Sarah Beckman-KJZZ)

For 25 years the Cardinals trained at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, but now the team will practice where it plays its regular season games, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Long-time fan and Glendale resident Tom Mavis said because of the team’s move, he and his wife Donna will be going to a lot more training days.

“Yeah, I support it," said Mavis.  "You know we work Monday through Friday basically and so getting the time to drive up to Flagstaff, it’s inconvenient for one and then once you get up there, trying to get a hotel room or if the weather’s bad, it could be a waste of a day or it could be a great day.”

Fans also noticed more restrictive rules about bags allowed into the stadium on game days. As part of the NFL's program to enhance public safety in its facilities, only clear pastic bags and small clutches are permitted inside.

Bob Whittles has been a season ticket holder for decades. He said he is not bothered by the increased security.

“It’s better for the fans," said Whittles. "You know security is so important. We have the utmost security for the stadium, so I think it’s gonna help.”

The team’s first regular season home game is September 15. 

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