Lightning-Caused Deaths Remind People To Be Cautious In Storms

July 26, 2013

The deaths of a man and woman, who were struck by lightning at an overlook north of the Grand Canyon this week, was not surprising to meteorologists. The National Weather Service says 14 people have been killed by lightning strikes so far this year with Arizona and Florida leading the country, with three fatalities each. Meteorologist Gary Woodall says you have to be careful anytime you're in the area of a lightning storm.

“Lightning can occur in just a fraction of a second and can strike well away from where the actual rain is falling out of the storm,” Woodall said.

He says if you're close enough to a storm to hear the thunder, you're probably in range of being struck by lightning. Woodall says that's the time when you should move to a safer location. A river guide on a raft trip through the Grand Canyon was also hit by a lightning bolt.   

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