Grand Canyon University's For-Profit Status Causes Problems In Athletic Scheduling

July 24, 2013

Grand Canyon University decided it wanted to move its athletic program into Division I, which means it would soon be competing on the same stage in sports like basketball with Arizona State University. But ASU and its fellow Pac-12 universities have decided they will not schedule games or matches against Grand Canyon, at least in part because of GCU’s for-profit status.

Dr. Michael Crow, president of ASU, provided more details.

Brad Wolverton gave a general perspective on how for-profit schools may change intercollegiate athletics. Wolverton covers college sports issues for "The Chronicle of Higher Education."

We continue our discussion of the opposition ASU and other Pac-12 schools have on competing on-field or on-court with GCU with the president and CEO of GCU, Brian Mueller.

Listen to all three interviews below.