Steve Nash?s Ex-Wife Asks Court For More Child Support Money

July 24, 2013

The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled former Suns star Steve Nash may have to pay additional child support to his ex-wife.

Arizona law has guidelines for child support. Under them, Nash owed about $2,800 a month to his former wife Alejandra for their three children. But the court says a judge needs to consider Alejandra's request for more money. Nash's attorney, Robert Schwartz, says the trial judge did that, but not to the satisfaction of the appellate court.

“They're not saying he has to give more money,” Schwartz said. “What they're saying is you needed to explain to us in better detail why you decided not to give more money.”

Appellate Judge Diane Johnson says the court needs to consider more than the basic needs of the kids, in light of the $9 million Nash is set to make playing for the Lakers this season.

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