Tucson Unified School District To Vote On E-Cigarette Ban

July 22, 2013

The Tucson Unified School District may revise its anti-tobacco policy to include a ban on electronic cigarettes on school grounds. The district’s governing board is set to vote on the proposal this week. The use of tobacco products already is prohibited at Tucson Unified School District, but the governing board has drawn up a proposal to extend the ban to e-cigarettes which have grown more popular in recent years. Some brands of e-cigarettes also contain small amounts of nicotine even though people who use them are often trying to quit smoking.

TUSD is concerned because some of the e-cigarettes look a lot like the real thing, and it is hard for teachers and administrators to determine if the person is inhaling nicotine. 

School officials are worried students who try the e-cigarettes will also try regular cigarettes. The governing board is scheduled to vote on the proposal at its meeting in Tucson Tuesday night.            

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