Phoenix OKs Price Break For Some Bus Riders, Special Event Pass

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 8:30am

Some bus riders in Phoenix will soon get a price break. Starting July 1, riders who buy all-day passes when they board the bus will pay the same amount as riders who pre-purchase passes at kiosks or retail outlets.  

Several years ago, Valley Metro started offering lower all-day fares for those who bought passes before boarding as a way to increase efficiency. Last week, council members voted to eliminate the two dollar difference.

“It was a well-intended policy to have the fare reduction at the kiosk so that way it would speed up operations on the bus,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “But at the end of the day it was unfair to certain neighborhoods in which there wasn’t a kiosk nearby, and this actually is probably the right and appropriate and fair policy citywide.”

The change means Phoenix will lose about $300,000 in annual revenue.

The council also approved a new pass program for special events like the upcoming NCAA Final Four. The program will provide a minimum of 100 hundred transit passes to event sponsors at prices consistent with what the general public pays.

Here are the special event pass details laid out in a city report:

Passes valid for multiple day special events:

 - Minimum two-day event

 - Minimum of 100 passes provided 

- Passes sold to event sponsor/organizing committee, not available to general public 


- Platinum Pass type of program, smartcard technology 

- Cost recovery charge per card provided, currently $1.50 per card 

- Pay single ride fare per use, up to an event maximum 

- $4.00 per day for 2-3 days (1-day pass price) 

- $2.85 per day for 4-7 days (7-day pass price per day) 

- $2.20 per day for 8-15 days (15-day pass price per day) 

- $2.00 per day for 16 or more days (31-day pass price per day)