Targeting The RINOs

July 12, 2013

The road to Medicaid expansion in Arizona was full of potholes and detours but ultimately reached the finish line. But for a group of Republicans who went against their party’s majority on the issue, their ultimate reward might be a primary defeat.

That sort of intra-party struggle is not only true at the state level, but the national one, too.

Hunting rhinos is banned in some countries, but the conservative Club for Growth has made hunting for a different kind of RINO — the pejorative acronym for Republicans in Name Only — one of its aims.

The Club has started a website, Its goal is to target Republicans who have joined with Democrats to, in the Club’s view, grow government and increase taxes.

The Club has been involved in recent Arizona races, including plunking down $2 million to support now-Senator Jeff Flake.

Barney Keller is Communications Director of the Club for Growth.

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