Sweat Lodge Host James Arthur Ray To Be Released From Prison

July 12, 2013

James Arthur Ray is set to be released Friday from the Arizona State Prison system. Ray was found guilty in 2011 of three counts of negligent homicide  following a sweat lodge ceremony. The charges stemmed from a sweat lodge ceremony hosted by Ray, near Sedona, in October of 2009. Two of the victims died at the sweat lodge, and a third died several days later. 18 other people attending the ceremony were hospitalized.

Witnesses say the attendees had fasted and gone without water for more than a day before the sweat lodge ritual. Attendees were charged up to $10,000 to attend the retreat.

Ray could have faced up to nine years in prison. Three civil lawsuits filed against Ray, by the victims’ families, were settled for $3 million. He will remain on parole until October of this year.

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