New Report Shows Migratory Birds Are Struggling

July 11, 2013

A new report makes the case that some birds are not adapting well to the pace of a changing climate and says the U.S. should be doing more about it. The report from the National Wildlife Federation said many species are struggling with climate change. In Arizona, the effects are seen in more than 500 species that migrate, including 150 species of hummingbirds. 

Doug Inkley of the Wildlife Federation said people may assume migratory birds have an advantage because they can fly different places, but that is not true.

"They're actually more vulnerable than most of the species that are more residential in nature. Migratory birds face the unique challenge of climate change, potentially affecting any of the multiple habitats that they require to breed, to migrate and to over winter," Inkley said.

 Inkley said one problem with changing flight patterns and timing is that the birds show up at the wrong times for their natural food sources. 

The "Shifting Skies" report cites climate change as the biggest threat to birds, in this century. 

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