Sand Volleyball Arrives At Arizona State University

July 10, 2013

Women’s sand volleyball is coming to Arizona State University next spring. The athletic department is still making plans to build courts on campus, but players have already signed up for tryouts.

sand volleyball Women's sand volleyball will be a welcome addition to ASU athletics next spring. Players have already signed up to try out. (Photo courtesy of Eric Hodgson)


Spokesman for the department, Doug Tammaro said support for the sport is state-wide.

“At the high school level, Arizona is the first state to add sand volleyball as an officially sanctioned sport, which is kinda funny when you think about it because we don’t have a beach," said Tammaro. "The state is growing incredibly for its passion for volleyball.”

 Tammaro also said he is not surprised at how popular sand volleyball on campus.

“The sport is really growing, and it’s a chance to add a sport but basically have the infrastructure in place to a sport you already have. Obviously there’s other sports you can add, but we already have a coach in place, we have the assistance, we have the infrastructure in place to add sand volleyball," Tammaro said.

California State, Stanford and UCLA will be among Arizona State’s competitors. ASU will play eight games in its season.

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