Cortes Out of Recall Election

October 07, 2011

November’s recall election is back down to two candidates…after Olivia Cortes withdrew from the race today.  In a statement, Cortes says, in part, quote…due to the constant intimidation and harassment of me, my family, friends, and neighbors I have decided to drop out of the race for state senator in LD 18.



Critics had alleged Cortes was a sham candidate, in the race to siphon votes from charter school executive Jerry Lewis…in an effort to help state senate president Russell Pearce keep his seat.  A judge ruled last week that Pearce supporters did help get her on the ballot…but refused to remove her from it.  The judge, though, also agreed to hear more evidence in the case…the hearing that had been scheduled for tomorrow has now been vacated.  Anthony Tsontakis is Cortes’ attorney.

(It was a personal decision on her part, the other side offered to vacate the hearing tomorrow if she would voluntarily withdraw from the race…I let her know that they had made us that offer and she decided to take it of her own volition.)

An attorney for the plaintiff in the case confirmed that that offer was made.  Ballots in the November 8th election have already been printed, and early voting starts next week.  Cortes’ name will remain on the ballot…but there will be signs at polling places alerting voters that she is no longer a candidate.

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