Man Accused Of Being I-10 Shooter Gets His Gun Back

By Al Macias
Published: Monday, January 30, 2017 - 5:39pm

The man accused of being the I-10 freeway serial shooter is getting his handgun back. Charges were dropped earlier, and now a court has ordered the return of Leslie Merritt’s gun.  

On Monday, investigators officially released the 9-mm gun they suspected was used in a series of I-10 freeway shootings back in 2015.

Merritt spent seven months in custody after detectives claimed they traced the bullet casings from several of the shootings back to the gun registered in his name. That was later disproved. 

Defense attorney Jason Lamm says along with getting the gun back, domestic-violence charges against Merritt were also dismissed. Lamm says he intends to move forward with lawsuits against the county and state, hopefully restoring his client’s reputation.

"The jury will determine the appropriate amount of compensation to Mr. Merritt. What are we hoping to achieve? We’re hoping to achieve justice and to finally clear his name once and for all of heinous crimes which he simply didn’t commit," Lamm said.

The state may still refile charges against Merritt at a later date if investigators find new evidence.