Cortes Withdraws from Recall Election

October 07, 2011

Lawyers for the Mesa resident challenging the candidacy of Olivia Cortes in the recall election of state senate president Russell Pearce say they’ll bring their evidence to the Secretary of State and County Attorney’s office.


Cortes withdrew from the race Thursday…accepting a deal that ended the lawsuit against her.  The suit claimed Cortes was running a fraudulent campaign, aimed at drawing votes from charter school executive Jerry Lewis and helping Pearce keep his seat.  Attorney Tom Ryan says he has evidence that links Pearce’s campaign to that of Cortes.

(The sad thing about all this is this…ballots have already been issued, with Ms. Cortes’ name on it…so the Pearce ruse has been complete.)

Cortes has denied being a sham candidate…and in a statement says she withdrew due to constant intimidation and harassment.  Her name will still be on the ballot….although there will be signs at polling places advising voters that she is no longer a candidate.

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