CEO Calls It 'Very Good Time' For Phoenix Job Seekers

Published: Monday, January 30, 2017 - 7:40am
Updated: Monday, January 30, 2017 - 8:46am
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(Photo by Christina Estes - KJZZ)
ZipRecruiter data finds certain fields have more job openings than job seekers.

For certain industries in Phoenix it is a job seeker’s market. Data from the online jobs platform, ZipRecruiter, finds there are nearly two positions open for every person looking for a job in finance and insurance.

“Many people who are employed either in the field of accounting and/or in the field of selling or servicing insurance, those two categories tend to get blended on job boards, there’s a lot of overlap between them, but those are the types of positions we’d be talking about,” explained CEO Ian Siegel.

He also said the Valley has 1.63 healthcare positions for each job seeker in that field.

Other categories with more jobs than seekers include: automotive, government and community, business and technology.

Overall, Siegel said there are 720 jobs available for every 1,000 people looking for work.

ZipRecruiter recently celebrated its new 27,000 square foot office at Hayden Ferry Lakeside. The online jobs platform picked Tempe last year to open its first office outside of its California-based headquarters.

“We started with 30 employees and that office had the ability to scale to about a 120 and we had thought that it would be a year and a half or more before we filled that office but we filled it in six months,” Siegel said.

He said 220 employees work in the current space, which can grow to about 400.

ZipRecruiter allows an employer to post a job to hundreds of different sites with a single submission. For job seekers, the platform searches hundreds of sites to find listings that fit their descriptions.

Where Phoenix Jobs Outweigh Seekers:

1. Finance and Insurance 1.69 jobs per 1 seeker

2. Health Care 1.63 jobs per 1 seeker

3. Automotive 1.54 jobs per 1 seeker

4. Government and Community 1.32 jobs per 1 seeker

5. Business 1.26 jobs per 1 seeker

6. Technology 1.13 jobs per 1 seeker