Mesa City Council To Vote On Bond Issue, Drops The Ball On Cactus League Museum

July 08, 2013

The Mesa City Council is scheduled to vote on a  $130 million bond issue Monday night. If approved, the proposal would go to voters in a November special election for public safety and road improvements. The bonds would finance two public projects. One would spend almost $79 million for road and highway upgrades including new bike lanes in the city. 

Mesa spokesman Steven Wright said the other bond proposal would spend more than $50 million for an emergency communications center and a new helicopter for the city.

“Our police department aviation unit is very key for the policing and public safety throughout the city and is used on an ongoing in tracking perpetrators and even helping with traffic accidents and fire issues," Wright said.

Wright said the city council was set to vote on another bond proposal that would have spent $17 million on a new baseball spring training museum and community center, but he said the Mesa Historical Society that was pushing that measure decided to take it off the table until more study can be done on the proposal. 

The Mesa City Council voted 6-0, with one member absent last night to put it on the November ballot.

Updated 7/9/2013 3:39 p.m.

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