Food prices down, but not for long

July 03, 2013

The Arizona Farm Bureau Federation says a typical market basket of products, cost a little less last quarter. The total was $47.97. That was $1.78 less than in the first quarter, and off more than $3 from a year ago. Lower beef prices led the way, along with much lower costs for pork and chicken. But, the lower prices did not apply to milk, according to spokeswoman Peggy Jo Goodfellow, who says farmers are paying more to feed their herds.

“In dairy, it’s more an immediate reaction to the feed price because dairy is a 24-hour cycle,” Goodfellow said. “Where meat prices… we’re not going to see an increase in those for awhile.”

Goodfellow says she expects meat prices to rise sometime down the road, when the cattle, chicken and hogs go to market. In the meantime, she says consumers may want to stock their freezers with the lower costing meats.


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