New Juvenile Court Unit In Maricopa To Streamline Adoptions

By Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez
Published: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 3:42pm
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The Maricopa Superior Court has created a new unit to help simplify the adoption process. The program was created in large part because of a growing number of adoptions.

According to the Maricopa County Superior Court, more than 1,500 children were adopted in the past year. That’s an increase of 300 children from the prior year.

The good news is there’s an increase of families interested in adopting, but that comes with a daunting process. Because of that, the Superior Court created the Juvenile Court Adoption Unit. It has specialized staff dedicated to the adoption procedure. Superior Court Judge Brad Astrowsky said it will also serve as the go-to unit for judges when they have questions about cases.

“Hopefully this will result in streamlining of the process, which will result in people being able to get an adoption hearing faster than perhaps they would of  in the past," Astrowsky said.

The Juvenile Court Adoption Unit was launched on Aug. 1.

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