Two New State Supreme Court Justices Sworn In

Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 7:24am

The state's two newest justices of the Arizona Supreme Court were sworn in Monday. Gov. Doug Ducey said at the ceremony that Court of Appeals Judge Andrew Gould and Solicitor General John Lopez understand that “a judge’s role is to interpret the laws, not make them.”

There are now three justices in the state’s high court appointed by Ducey. Much of that is due to a law he signed this year adding two additional seats. Ducey argued the decision to expand the court was not political.

"We have not packed the court, we’ve right sized the court," Ducey said. "We’re able to ensure justice for all Arizonans. And I think the message of today should not be around politics. It should be around the quality of these two justices."

The Court now moves from five to seven justices.  The lone Democrat on the Court, Chief Justice Scott Bales, praised his new associates saying they have wide ranging support from across the state.

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