Third Ballot Mailed To Peoria Residents

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 4:53pm
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The third time is a charm — or at least that’s what Peoria hopes. After two wrong ballots, Maricopa County will mail a third ballot to voters in the Mesquite District of Peoria with the correct city council candidates.

The Peoria City Council decided the best way to rectify the two-time mistake is to mail out a third different-colored ballot with only the city council race to all registered voters in the Mesquite District. Voters then have the choice to mail that ballot back, turn it in at a remote polling location or vote on election day in a polling place. Peoria City Attorney Steve Kemp said it is important to not disqualify votes from either of the previous ballots if a voter decides not to vote on the new ballot.

“I think that is very legally problematic," Kemp said. "Because they received that ballot they acted in good faith and to suddenly say their vote doesn’t count denies them their opportunity to participate in the political process."

If a citizen decides to vote on the new ballot it will override any previous votes, but if someone who voted previously does not vote again their vote will count. Ken Krieger was the candidate left off the first two mailed ballots and he is not happy about the decision.

“I am deeply concerned with options being proposed today as it violates voter’s rights, is confusing and does not comply with federal law," Krieger said. "I ask you today to either support a special election or allow the courts to decide."

He filed a complaint with the federal court in Phoenix asking to stop the current election and hold a special election.